Priya Maria Ender

Among other things, I work according to the shamanic teachings of ‹The Four Winds Academy› by Alberto Villoldo and Marcela Lobos as well as the Indian healing methods according to Kaleshwar Yoga.

I was born in Bombay (India), grew up in Vorarlberg (Austria) and during my studies and through my professional activities I was always blessed to get to know and discover people, countries and the world.

Through my history, my personal experiences and my interests, I finally found my way to energy work .

Video about my jouney:

- Since 2018: Sri Kaleswhar Yoga
(Process training in the 5 Elements, Womb Chakra, Surya Nadi & Chandra Nadi, Kala Chakra, etc.)
- Since 2021: Master practitioner in energy medicine and health coach
(Shamanic healing and modern Neuroscience)