Activation of self-healing powers


The holistic, energetic healing work assumes, among other things, that every experience is stored in our body, in our cells. With methods such as Indian and shamanic energy work, it is possible to give the energy system of the physically and/or mentally weakened person strong impulses for self-healing. Blocked energies can be made to flow, old traumas healed, foreign energies eliminated, old entanglements dissolved.
People often come to me who have "been out of therapy" or "diagnosed" by conventional medicine, they don't know what to do or are faced with difficult personal decisions. Through the intervention of the spiritual level - always for the highest good of all involved and with the greatest respect for the individual - new perspectives or solutions can open up.
Spiritual healing is always compatible with all other forms of conventional medicine or alternative therapies and psychotherapies. Very surprising solutions often appear, patterns become clearer so that they can then be dissolved, awareness develops, love and being carried can be felt.